Designing a new space can feel like a daunting task. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when tackling a big renovation or just doing a room refresh. Whether or not you decide to seek the professional help of an interior designer here are a few tips to keep on mind.


1. What is the end purpose or use for this space?

Is your living room not functional for your growing family? Do you have enough counter space in your kitchen or would you like to incorporate a peninsula in your kitchen?

2. What is your style?

I’ve worked with clients who claim they have no style but everyone has preferences you just may have never applied them when it comes to you interior choices. For example, say you love costume jewelry, the bigger the bling the better. Why not add jewel-like accessories to your interiors like an sparkly chandelier in your bedroom or glam crystal knobs in your kitchen. There are lots of ways to incorporate your individual sense of style in your home to truly reflect who you are.  If you are feeling clueless start using Pinterest. It’s such a valuable tool that you can utilize to sort your ideas. Even if you start creating boards that contain spaces or design ideas that you hate at least it will start to shape an idea of what your prefer instead.

3. What is your budget?

Let’s face it no one likes talking about this but let me tell you up front that it is a must! If you don’t set out a clear budget, or at least a ballpark idea of what you’d like to spend, then you could really be setting yourself up for some disappointment. If you are working with a designer they will absolutely ask this question to ensure that they aren’t picking things that are so far outside your price range.

4. Remember that this can be fun!

If you’re stressing out about your renovation or room refresh than maybe it’s time to seek professional help, and no I don’t mean a therapist, let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point! The end goal of this should be a positive one as you will you be much happier in your newly designed space.
Like I said this should be fun! Unexpected things definitely pop up in all shapes in and forma during a renovation but hey you deal with them as they come up and move on.
If you’re ready to take the design plunge and want some help drop me a note or give me a call and let’s make your design dreams a reality!!

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