Wow I’m blown away that it’s been 5 months since my tiny baby came into this world! Carter is starting to show more personality every day and watching her little mind learn new things has been so entertaining. I had a very extensive registry because I like to plan, it’s just who I am! After all that planning I did end up getting most of my list as gifts but I also bought a bunch of stuff as well. Out of everything on my registry, the below 10 items have become our favourites since Carter’s birth.

Wubbanub Pacifier

I was a little hesitant about giving my newborn a pacifier right from the get go but sometimes it was all I could do to calm her down. The regular Avent Soothers, same kind that’s attached to the Wubbanub, were fine but it kept popping out all the time. I got the Wubbanub and surprise, surprise it stayed in so much longer. The little stuffed animal helps to provide some stability to hold the soother in place. Tiny baby hands can also grip onto this a lot easier and hold it in place for themselves. Wins all around! I loved it so much I bought a different animal and we keep one in her crib and one downstairs for easy access. It’s become a go to newborn gift for me and there are so many animals to choose from.

Egg Nightlight

When this nightlight arrived it seemed so small I wasn’t sure how much light it would emit. It operates with touch, tap twice to turn on and off, hold the top to dim up or down. Now let me tell you, in the middle of the night, when you are sleep deprived and there is a tiny human screaming at you the last thing you want is to be fumbling with the lights. It’s so easy to use and it’s portable, charges with a USB. I loved it so much I bought another one during a 2 a.m. feeding session! Are you seeing a pattern?

COMOTOMO Bottle Starter Kit

We had to supplement Carter with formula in the beginning until my milk came in. The COMOTOMO Bottles are made with silicone and have a soft rounded shape to reduce nipple confusion for babies who are being breastfed. Carter had no problem getting used to these bottles and I’ve heard the same from other moms. Despite trying my best to breastfeed every meal, we switched over to exclusively bottle feeding at 3 months as she started preferring it. By the way I am totally ok with this. Fed is best!

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

My husband and I like tech so we wanted a state of the art monitor. The Nanit Plus provided just that, insights into your baby’s sleeping patterns, video history, two way audio. We have this mounted above Carter’s crib but we also bought the multi stand to travel with, which has been so handy. A few things to note, there is no monitor as you access the camera through their app. We have it installed on our phone which some people don’t like but you could always have it on a tablet if you wanted it separate. We have had some connectivity issues and had to reboot it a couple times which can be very annoying, but overall we’re really happy with the quality of this camera.

Muslin Washcloths

These simple muslin washcloths are so great to have on hand. The awesome thing about muslin is that it gets softer with every wash. These have held up really well and we use them daily. It’s another go to item that I have been gifting to friends who are expecting!

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

I had high hopes of using this when Carter was really tiny just so I could have my hands free around the house. But for a first time user I was a little intimidated of the whole baby wearing experience. I had a fabric baby wrap but it never felt secure enough and she hated it. So I waited until Carter was about 12 pounds and gave the Ergobaby Omni 360 a try again. Surprisingly it’s a lot easier than I thought. She got used to it really quickly too. It’s very supportive so I don’t really feel any of her weight when I’m carrying her. It’s also adjustable so my husband can use it too. The Cool Air Mesh version will be breathable when it starts getting really sticky in the summer.

Loulou Lollipop Bath Towel & Washcloth Set

I got this sushi printed towel set as a gift and I love it! The material is so soft. The towel is bigger than some of the others I received, which is great because I want products that we can use as Carter grows. Loulou Lollipop makes so many other great items too like Soothers/Clips, Bibs and Swaddles and they’re Canadian!

ALVABABY Bibs pack of 8

Another Amazon goodie, these bibs are so absorbent and come in a bunch of different prints and solids for both girls and boys. They are backed with polyester and Carter hasn’t been able to drool through them. They come in a pack of 8 for about $25 CAD. I got two packs and there is always an option to match her #OOTD!

Hello Bello Diapers

I can’t remember how I stumbled onto Hello Bello but I’m so glad I did. The company was created by Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard aka “mom & dad”. They developed the company to provide high quality eco-friendly products at affordable prices. They’re diapers are very soft, super absorbent and they come in so many prints. They offer diaper bundles with super fast shipping in Canada or you can grab their products at Walmart, Loblaws and They also just introduced new Overnight diapers and we’ll likely see pull ups from them in the near future!

Taking Cara Babies – Will I Ever Sleep Again Course

This wasn’t something I registered for but it’s hands down the best thing I bought. I saw so many influencer’s on Instagram raving about her so I decided to buy the “Will I Ever Sleep Again” Newborn course and the “Navigating Months 3 & 4” course. Cara is a mother of four, neonatal nurse and the wife of a pediatrician and has developed her courses with science backed information. We implemented her tips starting at 5 weeks and Carter stretched her nights week after week until we got her sleeping 12 hours a night. The schedule Cara suggested let us predict Carter’s needs almost to the minute in her first couple of months. It was so amazing for us first time parents. As time has gone on we have still used Cara’s tips, we never had a 4 month sleep regression because we helped Carter learn how to put herself back to sleep very earlier on. I recommend this course to any parent struggling with getting their baby to sleep!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

We didn’t use this until Carter was about 3.5 months but since then we’ve used it pretty much every day. This bouncer is made from a soft jersey cotton. I bought a clip on toy attachment which helps to hold her interest a lot longer. It’s great to have somewhere safe to put her down where she actually enjoys hanging out.

So that sums up my current favourite baby items to register for. I’d love to know what items you’re coveting. I enjoyed compiling this list so definitely expect some more in the future!

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