IKEA Kitchen Design Planning

Dreaming about a new kitchen? IKEA is a fantastic resource to plan out a custom kitchen. The process can be overwhelming but I am here to help! Time is a precious resource. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to spend hours in a busy IKEA warehouse trying to plan out your kitchen

My custom IKEA Kitchen Service is for you if…

  • Don’t have a lot of time to spend working with IKEA Designers or time to spend at IKEA trying to figure out the planning
  • You are not tech savvy and find their software overwhelming
  • Want a more customized space with a design to guide you to outside vendor options for hardware, fixtures and cabinet doors. This service is for client’s who do not want their kitchen to look like the IKEA showroom
  • Are ready to make the investment in making your kitchen a modern, functional space!

The Process

Questionnaire –  you will complete a design questionnaire so we can better understand what you need from your newly designed space. Pictures of your existing space will need to be submitted. Inspirational images or Pinterest boards can be shared at this time. Check out my Pinterest page if you need some inspo!

Measurements – you will need to provide detailed measurements of the space and note where any vents, outlets and any other permanent elements are located.

Design – this is where we get to work! We will figure out the most efficient use of space while making your room the most beautiful to your liking.

Review – the design will be presented to you to review. You will have some time to make any requests for revisions.

Final Review – if any revisions have been requested you will get the final design plan back.

Purchase & Install – this is when we sadly part ways. You will purchase all the necessary items and get to work installing or call on your contractor to start.

Complete Kitchen Design Packages are $2199

IKEA Kitchen Design Packages

Complete Cabinetry Planning with Design Elements

This includes a design of your new kitchen along with a cohesive selection of cabinet fronts, backsplash, countertops, hardware and lighting. After our initial consultation a plan will be drafted with material selections and a shopable sourcing guide. The end result is a fully thought out customized kitchen to your unique needs and taste.

This package is for Design Concept and Specifications only and is intended for either the client or the client’s contractor to oversee installation. No project management will be performed by Chloe K Design Studio.

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page or send me an email! info@chloekdesignstudio.com

Are you ready to create a custom looking kitchen at a fraction of the cost?

Chloe K Design Studio is an independent Interior Design company and is not authorized or sponsored by Inter IKEA Systems B.V